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Are you having problems with your cleaners?

Many of our clients tell us how before they used Greenserve they had a succession of cleaning companies who didn't care about quality as much as we do. One of the biggest problems is that companies don't communcate well and when there are problems there is nobody to talk to and even when there is nothing changes.

We pride ourselves on quality work and regular communication to make sure you are always getting the cleaning service you are paying for.

Here are some examples of problems our clients tell us they experienced before moving to Greenserve:

Colloids Rushden

Our offices and washrooms are never clean despite the company we have used for the past two years visiting daily. Tere is no relationship, indeed we do not know the name of our account manager and when we do try and get in touch to voice our concerns nobody is available nor do they call back.

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Poor quality of Cleaning

The quality of the cleaning done is poor.

How we maintain quality. : Area supervisors visit the premises to carry out quality inspections on a regular basis

Never the same cleaner

Do you feel that there must be something wrong with your contractor if you never get the same cleaner twice?

Dedicated cleaning operatives : Dedicated cleaning operatives are allocated to your premises, Comprehensive training together with job satisfaction ensures a low staff turnover.

Do you get no response when you point out a problem?

When you have a problem is anything done about it?

We are always pleased to receive feedback : We are always pleased to receive feedback either positive or negative, Communication with our customers ids essential to maintain a good working relationship.

Pointing out problems isnt well received

Do you get no response when you point out a problem

Cleaning Service Guarantee : We undertake to rectify any issues within 48 hours . See our “Cleaning Service Guarantee “

Not getting value for money

Do you feel you are paying too much?

We conduct an extensive survey : We conduct an extensive survey of your building assess your requirements and provide a quotation using our extensive experience and expertise

Not enough materials and equipement ?

Are your cleaners complaining of not having enough materials and equipement ?

We check equipement and material supplies : Without sufficient equipement and materials our staff cannot clean to the required standard. We check equipement and material supplies during our quality inspections and replenish items from stocks held in our 3000 sq feet warehouse.

Are you having to use multiple contractors?

Can your contractor provide all your cleaning and specialist services?

Whatever your requirement : Greenserve can provide all aspects of services from window cleaning through to feminine hygiene disposal service.. Whatever your requirement please enquire.

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